Friday, June 29, 2007

So i'm still learning about all this blog stuff...apparently you can "embed" your videos onto your blog (instead of just the link). I did that, thinking that it would be easier for everyone to view them, but now you can't view the video at full screen. Do you like it better this way? or the way it was before? Let me know, thanks!
Here is Hannah enjoying her jumper and playing with her daddy...her laugh is so cute!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

She seemed pretty happy playing in the pool. Hopefully we can take her again soon!

I think she wanted to go under...she even held her breath!

After we stopped filming Hannah started splashing like crazy! She loved all the splashing even though it was getting her face wet. I guess she's part fish!

...and having a great time!

Just relaxing....and floating....

Heres Hannah enjoying her time in the pool.
Hannah got to go swimming for the first time yesterday. Hannah loves swimming! Take a look and see for yourself :)

We had so much fun!

We finally gave "hungry, hungry Hannah" some real food! She LOVES eating her rice cereal. She is so good at it, too! She opens her mouth really big and she is even really good at swallowing (but we still make her wear the bib). She likes to help hold the spoon and the bowl.