Thursday, August 27, 2009


Yea! I've been trying all day and I finally got it on video!

Isn't this THE cutest voice you've ever heard?

P.S. Yes, she always that bouncy.

Monday, August 24, 2009

SEA Company Picnic

Last month (sorry I'm back-blogging a bit) we got to go to Dan's company picnic at Remlinger Farms. What a fun day! We love Remlinger Farms!

Hannah on the jumpoline

Oh, Dan.

Oh, Hannah. I think this is the photo I will show first to all of your boyfriends. Hahahahaha

Getting a tattoo

Dan's is a cow. Because he works at a milk plant. Get it? A cow? (Because cows make milk and Dan works at a milk plant.)
Hannah's is a ballerina bear. Mine was a pig. heehee.

Panning for treasure

(The treasure)

A game where kids dig in the hay to find candy.

The loot.

It was soooo hot that day! Luckily they turned on a sprinkler.

The flying pumpkins!

On the train.

Ice cream sandwich from Daddy's work. A great end to a great day! Thanks Dan!