Friday, September 28, 2007

Furry Things

Every time we go to Costco Hannah loves to play on the $150 bear skin rug. We went to Ikea and there was a rug on the floor that Hannah couldn't get enough of. She rolled around on it and everyone who passed commented on how much our baby loved that rug. Since it was only $19, we decided to get her one. It's not as nice as the Costco one, but Hannah doesn't seem to mind.

I remember that Jereme had a rabbit skin that he slept with (and probably still has) and Dan says that Tim had a lamb skin that he slept with. We're not ready to let Hannah take this rug into the crib with her yet, although I'm sure she'd like to.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

Hogle Zoo

For my birthday last week we took Hannah to Hogle Zoo. We had so much fun. After the zoo Sara and Nate watched Hannah so Dan and I could go out. Thanks Olsen's!

In a giant egg.

On the giant snake slide.

We rode the little train.

Of course, Hannah's favorite part was the water.

Sadly, the Tiger was being a lazy bum! He never left the little hut.

They had a really great giraffe habitat at this zoo.

We got really close to the elephants.

My favorite part of this zoo was this cool white alligator. It is one of only 10 known white alligators on Earth today. It is at the Hogle zoo through October. They are so rare because they cannot survive in the wild due to sun burns (really) and because they aren't camouflaged. This guy and his siblings were rescued by some fishermen in New Orleans.

This monkey wanted to share his snack with Hannah. I know it's blurry but it was pretty neat that he came over and offered his cookie to Hannah. Thanks monkey.

A Fish Out of Water

Utah County lifted the ban! Hooray! Oh wait, it is back on again. Luckily Dan and I took Hannah swimming twice before they reinstated it. Here is our little fishy enjoying her time in the water.