Monday, September 28, 2009

For the first part of our vacation we went to San Diego to see Dan's family. It was Dan's Grandpa's 80th birthday. We went to SeaWorld. Hooray! I've never been before and we had a great time!

They had a Sesame Street playground for kids. Hannah was in heaven. We spent most of our visit there.

Family Photo with Big Bird

Family Photo with Elmo

Rachel LOVED meeting the characters. She was laughing and playing with them.

Of course, Hannah loved them too.

Grandma and Grandpa with Big Bird

Rachel loved Big Bird!

At the Bay of Play in SeaWorld. Hannah was bringing blocks for Rachel to play with. It's nie to have photographic proof of sharing.

Cousin Reilly and Rachel


Dan's cousins Emma and Reilly with Hannah

They had flamingos who were on a walk. If you sat down on the sidewalk, they would come and groom you. It was...interesting.

I thought if I left my hat on, the bird would leave me alone. I was wrong. It stayed until I took my hat off.

Daddy and Hannah by the otter

Grandpa and Rachel

Hannah petting a dolphin.

Hannah feeding the seals

Hannah's 1st In N Out burger. She ate the whole thing.

Rachel and Grandpa

Rachel and Daddy

4 generations: Dan's Grandpa, Dan's mom, Dan, and Dan's girls.

Tiger Rachel interrupted the nice family photos. Poor Hannah.

Then she attacked Grandpa.
So that was the SeaWorld part of our trip. I have lots more to post about. Be patient with's sunny here and we are making the most of the sunny days :)

What's Coming Next

Seaworld, Seaworld, Disneyland, the beach, Long Beach Aquarium, LA Zoo. Fun times. Fun posts coming soon (ok...eventually).

Patience people (ahem, Dan).