Monday, July 4, 2016

Mariners Game with Hannah

Hannah and I went and watched the Pirates play the Mariners. 

Dip n Dots
My first bacon wrapped hot dog with cheese sauce, jalapenos, and salsa 

What a fun night together. The Mariners won and we saw a monster home run by Boom Stick Nelson Cruz. Wahoo!

Sunday, July 3, 2016

Coleman Pool

After playing pirates we went swimming at Coleman Pool located just yards from the beach in West Seattle. It had a fun water slide and diving board. Hannah was doing flips off the diving board. The nearest parking lot is a half a mile away. It was a nice walk along the beach. The saltwater pool was 85 degrees, warmer than the air. It sure was fun!

Good swimming Rachel

Look how close we are to the beach
The view of downtown from West Seattle 

Stopping for a Hawaiian shaved ice and dinner at Marination Mai Kai
The girls tried fish n chips
I got kalbi beef in kimchi fried rice and a pork slider. Yum!