Friday, August 31, 2007


Well, Hannah is six months old now, we figure it's time to start the accessorizing. These cute sunglasses were a gift from Shane and Kate and baby Ella. Aren't they stylin'? And the shoes. Hannah walks pretty much everywhere she goes, and those poor little toes keep getting little cuts, so we decided it's time for shoes. Sadly, Hannah hates shoes. She is always trying to kick them off. I keep telling her girls love shoes but she doesn't seem convinced--maybe once there is snow on the ground she'll change her mind. Then I know she'll be hooked for life.

Bathing Beauty

We took Hannah to the water park again last week--good thing, too, because Provo just passed a law prohbiting all children under age 5 to swim in public pools. That means Hannah's swimming days have come to an end for this year. Sad. It's probably a good thing because they've had a huge outbreak of Cryptosporidium due to all the kids pooing in the pool. Eeeewww.

There were these two girls at the water park taking pictures while they were swimming and we kept catching them taking pictures of Hannah. Yup. She's cute.