Saturday, December 1, 2007

Winter Wonderland

We had our first real taste of snow today. Hannah was fascinated by all the snow covering the ground and falling from the sky. In the morning she watched some children playing in the snow through our window.

Once we had her dressed for the cold we took her out to play.

Someone built this giant snowman just outside our apartment.

Hannah kept picking up handfuls of snow and then would start to cry as her hands got cold. She never thought to let go of the snow! We would empty her hands and warm them up and as soon as we let her go, she had another handful of snow. If anyone knows where to get extra tiny snow-gloves let us know.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Temple Square

We took Hannah to Temple Square to see all the pretty lights.


The best thing about holidays is getting to spend time with family. We even got a little visit from Uncle Tim. We took Hannah miniature golfing. She had a great time discovering the golf course.

We also had a little visit from Aunt Lauren. Hannah loved getting to see Lauren, but I think she especially loved Lola's candy bag...

Hannah helped her daddy make the mashed potatoes. She liked feeling all the slimy skins.

Hannah enjoyed all the yummy tastes of Thanksgiving dinner. She sampled everything off of daddy's plate.

But more than the food, Hannah loved playing with Buster and Boo. Buster was very nice to Hannah and he let her pet him for a long time.

Hannah also loved playing games with everyone. She played patty-cake with Aunt Lauren

and played peek-a-boo under the tablecloth.

Hannah showed Gramps her cell-phone.

Hannah and Mommy had a little snuggle on the bed.

Hannah is walking!

After all these months of helping Hannah learn to walk she is finally doing it all by herself. It's amazing how quickly she went from taking a few little steps to walking all over the apartment without any help. It's so cute because she is so proud of herself. Whenever she gets to where-ever it is she is going, she sits down and claps for herself.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Hannah is 9 Months

Hannah had her 9 month check up today. Guess what...she's still tiny. She weighs 15lbs and 2 oz which puts her in the 2nd percentile. She is 28 inches long and in the 65th percentile. Her head is also still small. It is 42cm's which is in the 5th percentile. Despite being small she is very healthy and the doctor was impressed by her animal impersonations. The nurses were impressed by her walking and she made several nurse-friends while walking the aisles waiting for the doctor. She had 2 shots--one in each little leggy. But she did good and stopped crying as soon as daddy gave her a snacky.

Go Cougs!

We took Hannah to her 1st BYU football game last night. She wore her Tiger suit since it's one of the warmest things she owns. BYU did great and Hannah had so much fun. She even learned a few key football terms...

It's another Cougar 1st down!


Sunday, November 4, 2007

Crawling for Candy

Our little Hannah is finally crawling! Of course she will only do it for candy or snacks, or if there is a child running away from her. She still prefers "walking" but I prefer the crawling because my back is tired from helping her walk all the time.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Halloween!

Prepare yourselves for a lot of pictures.
For Halloween we took Hannah to Thanksgiving Point. They had a ton of fun activities, and we took a ton of pictures. We ended the night visiting with Uncle Nate and Aunt Sara.

Hannah's new love is slides. She sits at the top, scoots to the edge, gets this look on her face and goes for it. When she lands she is all smiles and turns around to climb up and try again.

Hannah enjoyed the box of corn.

Hannah and Dan ride the pedal carts.

There was a petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point and Hannah just can't resist animals. This little pony couldn't resist Hannah. I think he thought she was a snack.

We love the cute tail on this little tiger.

Great Grandma sent Hannah this cute trick or treating bag. She carried it around all day.

Hannah and Aunt Sara
Hannah eating a bread bowl.

I love this one. She pulled the bowl onto her lap and went at it with both hands.
Hannah with Uncle Nate and Aunt Sara.

Hannah and Dan went to our ward Halloween Party and then came to visit me at work. Everyone thought Hannah was the cutest tiger they'd ever seen.