Monday, August 10, 2015

Tide Pools and Blue Angels with Nana

We took Nana to the Pocket Beach at Olympic Sculpture Park just north of downtown Seattle to check out the tide pools. The girls were great finders. 

Naomi saw a crab, star fish, sea cucumbers, and a jelly fish or three.

Hannah found a live scallop. It was red and kept opening and closing trying to scoot away.

Rachel was a great and daring explorer.

The Seattle aquarium provided Naturalists to tell us what everything was that we found.
This jellyfish forgot to move with the tide.
Crab leg
Rachel was in heaven collecting all sorts of stuff in her net. She was sad the Naturalist said she had to leave everything there at the beach where she found it.

The Patriot flying squad flew right over us while we were tide pooling
Rachel caught a crab.
Taking a rest while walking back to the car while Naomi threw a giant tantrum.
We stopped and picked up Gyros and had a picnic at a park in Magnolia that overlooked Seattle so we could watch the Blue Angels

Best view around

Rachel found some blackberry bushes so the girls did some gathering

It was fun to see the Blue Angels zipping around 

Naomi loves a good swing
It was a nice day to spend with Nana enjoying Seattle and the hot weather

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Seattle Center and Blue Angels Videos 2015

Here are some videos of us playing at Seattle Center and watching the Blue Angels.

Naomi kept telling me to come in with her because I quote, "I want to squirt you in the face, dad." She got all that she wished for and more.
It sure was a great time playing with my girls in the sun in one of the most picturesque places in the world with the Blue Angels flying overhead. What a day!