Saturday, November 19, 2016

Naomi's Kindergarten Halloween Party

Naomi had a "Where the Wild Things Are" party in her kindergarten class on Halloween. It sure was great to see our Naomi in her class. There were lots of fun activities. 

Naomi's friend Sam

Joseph found a rocking chair that was just right

The kids acted out "Where the Wild Things are" as Miss Leah read the story. It sure was cute.

What a happy time.

Issaquah Community Center Halloween Party 2016

The party was for kids 7 and under, so Naomi and Joseph got to party while the big girls got dressed in their costumes. It was a fun event with lots of activities and treats. 

Face painting
Making a mummy

Decorating cookies

Riding cars

Cleaning up

Carving Pumpkins

Ashley found some great carving tools, so this was by far our least whinny pumpkin carving event. The long handles let the girls avoid touching the guts. Joseph sure liked playing with the guts. He even gave them a taste.