Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Tall (and brave) First grader

Our little Hannah is taller than 48 inches. That means she can ride the big kid rides. After she watched me have such a fun time on the spinning wheel that screams up and down a half pipe, she decided to go with Ashley. What a brave little first grader.

Hannah and Ashley are at the far left side to start the video

After Hannah got off she was so excited, asking to go again. What a brave girl!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Wild Waves Fright Night

We went to the Wild Waves Fright Night. This was the first year we went where it wasn't pouring rain. The girls had a great time.

Naomi had the time of her life driving her big sisters around town.

There was a Booville section for the kids. They went through a maze and received a treat at the end.
There were black light bubbles to play in.

Naomi took mommy flying

Naomi was a little bit sad; she was half an inch too short to ride the airplanes, the roller coaster, and even the train
Rachel squished everyone on this spinny ride.
Pilot Hannah
Pilot Rachel
She's ready to take off
Naomi loved riding the merry go round

What a fun time!