Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Kelsey Creek Farm Fair

The girls and I went to the Kelsey Creek Farm Fair. The girls picked and decorated pumpkins, rode a wagon, made some crafts, and saw some animals. 

adding the glitter

Making a farm with animal stamps

It started pouring buckets so we swam on home.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Dallin comes to Seattle

My BYU roommate for 3 yrs, Dallin came from Indiana for a lawyers conference and then stayed with us.
I took him to the Ballard locks
We went to Pike's Place Market.
The NFL was there filming for the Seahawks Broncos. We just missed being on national TV. We saw them throw the fish though.
Eating a piroshky in front of the first Starbucks.
We took a tour of Safeco Field. Classic Dan inside the visitor's locker room.
We thought the huge sharps container in the bathroom was pretty funny. Can you say Steroids?
We walked around the visitor's dugout

You're out!
In the media room where Jay Z introduced the newest Mariner's superstar.
On the top deck of Safeco
We took him to our fish patchery
The girls loved Uncle Dallin

Ashley said "I forgot how much Dallin talks" but that was okay because the girls could never whine because of the chatterbox. We sure enjoyed our time with Dallin. Thanks for coming!