Saturday, October 15, 2016

Family Fun

It was great to spend time with so much of our family during the trip.
Cousin Thomas & Eliza

Auntie Lauren
Scooching dinner table at Nana's

Great Grandma and Great Papa

My cousin Riley. He and Aunt Jeanne came up for my Bday!


Nana made her famous enchiladas from scratch

All the Mason family cousins.

Grandma meeting Joseph for the first time

Cousins Ezra & Thomas with Joseph
Thomas and Naomi played so nicely together



Aunt Nena & Uncle Tim

 So much fun with family we love!

Friday, October 14, 2016

Old Sactown

After the Capitol building, we visited the "Old West" portion of the city, Sactown. 

We found a dive bar that sold 25 cent Sarsaparilla. 

Lucky for Naomi, Uncle Tim carried her around.

The girls chose their favorite, giant corn dogs.

Uncle Tim made us Circus animal waffles 

Thanks for a fun visit Uncle Tim and Aunt Nena