Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas Nana

Josh helped me load the bigger files. Merry Christmas Nana. Hopefully this helped you have a Merry Christmas since you couldn't be here. We love you.

Christmas Morning

Hannah being the Brave Princess. Nice Shot.
Ashley was so excited and surprised to get her present.
 A King Tut Tour at the Seattle Pacific Science Center!!
Batman! Yes!!!! My Christmas is complete!

Christmas Morning

How many presents did these lucky girls get?

Christmas Morning

Lots of Fun with these girlies

Christmas Morning

Lots of Christmas Morning Fun

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas everyone. We had a late start this morning. Hannah was the first one up at 8:30am. She had to wait to open up all the presents until her sisters woke up at around 915am. We even had time for a yummy breakfast before opening presents. Those girls stayed up too late last night. Once they woke up they had lots of fun opening their presents from Santa.

Hannah asked for a pony from Santa and was so glad  he listened to her.
Grandpa getting some Christmas hugs.
Hannah said the caption should be, "my little angel, Hannah."
Rachel and Hannah got Judy Moody Mood Rings. Their's turned blue for very happy. Grandpa and  Daddy's tried it on and it turned  "green with envy" according to Hannah
Ashely loves her Twilight movies
The girls got tents with sleeping bags to camp out in their rooms.

Naomi loves the candy Santa brought her and a bouncy pony.

Merry Christmas everyone. We miss you and hope you have a happy day.

Rachel's Christmas party

Rachel had a class party. She performed with her class for all the party goers. They had fun activities and yummy treats. We love it when Rachel sings.

They had fun decorating Christmas trees 

Yummy frosting

Hannah came to the party because her school was snowed out.

Naomi loves going to Rachel's school. There's so much to do.
Who's interrupting my reading time? It's not time to go, I'm having too much fun.

Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas party

We went to the church Christmas party and had a yummy dinner.

Hannah helped ring the jingle bells during the caroling.

The girls got jingle bell necklaces.

Whoa, who's that!
Naomi couldn't believe it. She kept saying, "Santa, Santa."
 Waiting in line for her turn, Naomi was so excited to see Santa, but then we put her on his lap.


Santa had enough of the crying baby.
At least she liked the lolly Santa gave her.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas Tree Decorating

We finally got our Christmas tree. We tried to buy a little four foot tree, but Hannah wasn't having any of that saying, "No, absolutely not, that tree is too little. I'm taller than that tree!" and so we went with the six footer. The girls had lots of fun decorating it.

Poor little Naomi was sick, but still had fun hanging the ornaments.

Hey, that's not where the star goes!
I thought we'd top the tree with Hannah.

She didn't fit, but the star did.
Playing with Christmas blocks