Thursday, June 3, 2010

Woodland Park Zoo

A few weeks ago we took a little trip to the Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle.
We've been there a few times before but this is the first time we've seen the jaguar.
Hannah and Rachel checking out some frogs.

My sweet baby Rachel.

Little Hannah sitting on a flamingo nest.

They have a little play area at the zoo and the girls had so much fun there.

Hannah was a great climber on this spider web.
She also got to climb this tree.

It was funny because she kept telling this 8 year old boy in front of her to hurry up so she could climb higher.
The boy eventually got down so she could climb. She was up higher than I could reach--good thing Dan is so tall--he helped her get up high.

I think Hannah would have spent the whole day climbing trees.
Luckily we had some snacks to bribe her with.

Oh, Hannah. I don't think there is anyone out there who loves goats as much as Hannah. She even kissed one. Yuck!

My favorite part of the zoo is always the hippos.

I was pretty excited when this man started talking. He was at the zoo as part of an exchange program from Africa.
He works with people in Africa whose homes and crops are destroyed by hippos and elephants.
He brought with him a few hippo teeth and also a section of hippo skin to show it's thickness.
I liked listening to him and Hannah liked holding the tooth.

Rachel having a little snuggle with her daddy.

We got to hear this elephant make a trumpet noise.

Rachel really liked seeing the elephants with her daddy.

This big ball was one that the elephants played with when they were young.
Both girls loved riding the carousel.

What a fun day at the zoo!

Tug Boat Races 2010

A few weeks ago we went to the tug boat races in Seattle. It was a beautiful day and we had lots of fun.
Water Fire boat shooting out tons of water.
On the pier watching the boats.

Hannah built another boat. Here she is helping Dan drill the hole.

Rachel snacked while Hannah worked.

The finished boat.
Hannah was so cute--she tugged her little boat all around.

Rescue helicopter demonstration.

Hannah sailed her boat in one of the fountains like last year. We had a great day!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Rachel is 16 months!

Our sweet little Rachel is 16 months already! Last month we took her in for her 15 month check up and I never posted the stats--so I thought I would do it now.
At 15 months Rachel weighed 19 lbs. 12 ounces (below the 10%) and was 32 1/2" (above the 90th%). They were very impressed with Rachel's gross motor skills (she was climbing all over the office) and all of Rachel's words. After the appointment I started counting words and realized Rachel has about 30 of them. Lately my favorite word is "thankyou" which sounds like "day-woo". She says it whenever you give something to her and also whenever she is giving something to you. Rachel is a big sweetheart and so much fun. She is a fabulous sleeper and a great eater. She loves her snuggly blanket, to give kisses, and her sister. We love Rachel!