Friday, August 22, 2014

Green Lake Wading Pool

After the tide pools, lunch, and Ballard locks we said goodbye to the Conleys, but our girls were still up for more fun, so we went to the nearby wading pool at Green Lake in Seattle.
Look at that relaxin' girl enjoying her wagon ride.

Rachel collected rocks from the bottom of the pool

Hannah loves to make new friends

All tuckered out
Still ready for fun after the tide pools, lunch, the locks, salmon ladder, and the wading pool. Someone needs to remover her energizer bunny batteries and swap them with the knock off brand.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Ballard Locks and Red Mill

After the tide pools we went to lunch at Red Mill Burger and then to the Ballard locks. The locks are the connection from the salt water of the Puget Sound to Lake Union and Lake Washington. There is also a salmon ladder to watch the salmon swim and jump.

My favorite, bacon deluxe cheese burger

We watched the tug boat transfer from the lakes going out towards the Puget Sound.

Eli watching the salmon swim

Eli likes to eat little fishies

Lots of fun in the sun

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Discovery Park Tide Pools

We went to Discovery Park in Seattle to the tide pools with Nana, Papa, Uncle Josh, Aunt Karissa, and Cousin Eli. We saw lots of cool sea creatures except we didn't find any star fish.
The girls all touched the crab

This is the only picture Ashley took of Karissa.

The kid in the yellow shirt was great at finding the crabs and fish. We just followed him around
The kid gave me a spider like crab to hold. Ashley wouldn't touch it.

Naomi did
Eli said no thanks.
I found a crab claw and tried to pinch Hannah with it.

Naomi fell in a puddle. Luckily Papa held her and kept her warm.
The kid in the yellow caught a little flounder

It was dead and was STINKY!

Touching a crab

We sure were lucky to run into this kid. He was a crazy crab finder.

Back to the car, off to lunch.