Saturday, June 30, 2012

What a big girl

Naomi is walking. 

Those sisters are in trouble now, everywhere they go Naomi can chase them down.

Breakfast with the family

Before we met grandpa's cousin and family at the Pancake house we went to another park.
This girl loves the slide

Look at those monkeys climb

She wants grandpa to take her back to the slide
Hannah loves to pick flowers

We love our Hannah
She sure is cute!

This is grandpa's cousin Frankie. They grew up together.

This is Frankie's daughter and her kids
 Hannah and Tallon had lots of fun together, but why is that boy holding my daughter's hand?!?
Chocolate chip pampakes, Rachel's favorite.
Hannah got some too.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Greenlake Park

We took grandpa to the Greenlake park in Seattle. We think it's one of the best parks around.

This baby loves her mommy to hold her

And she loves her grandpa to hold her

The girls love the merry go round

Dig Dig Dig

Row, row, row your boat

Someone forgot the oars