Saturday, March 1, 2008

Hannah's tricks

Hannah is learning new things every day. Here are some things that she has learned recently...

She has learned how to feed herself with a spoon or a fork. She is somewhat successful, but we are still working on it.

Hannah knows where her tounge is.

She knows how to hammer things. She can even say "hammer"

Isn's she cute?

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Hannah is one!

On February 5th Hannah had her first birthday! Hooray for Hannah! Sorry this post is (more than a little) late. For her 12 month check up Hannah weighed 18lbs and 3.5 ounces (in the 10th percentile). She was 29 1/2 inches long (in the 60th percentile). And her head is finally growing (from the 4th perentile to the 20th!) She had 3 shots in her little legs and officially hates going to the doctor. (Every time she goes she has to have shots!)
We celebrated Hannahs birthday over a few days and here are the pictures....

We had an Elmo themed party since Hannah loves Elmo.

Aunt Sara and Uncle Nate came down for the little party.

Everyone wore Elmo party hats....except Hannah.

Hannah loved the Elmo and Grover toys that her daddy got for her.

She really likes this Elmo book, too.

Did we mention that Hannah loves Elmo?

Sara fed Hannah her birthday cupcake...

and Hannah fed Sara her birthday cupcake.

Hannah liked her cupcake...but she loved the Jell-O jigglers daddy made for her.

Hannah enjoyed the cards as much as she enjoyed all the presents.

A butterfly book from Grandma and Grandpa.

A Hawaii shirt from Great Grandma and Papa

For her birthday lunch we took Hannah out for chicken nuggets and a few fries.

Grandma and Grandpa sent a book about a little black kitten. Inside there was a picture of Hannah playing with a little black kitten.

Nana and Papa sent Hannah a Tigger pillow. She loved it!

A puzzle from Grandma and Grandpa

Hannah loves this purse from Billy and Amber and Connor. Notice the belt. She loves her accessories.

Hannah had a great 1st birthday. We can't believe a whole year has gone by. We love our little Hannah and we're so glad she's ours. Happy Birthday, Hannah!