Saturday, March 5, 2016

Golden Gate Park

We drove through Golden Gate Park until we found the buffalo (bison). Hannah and Naomi didn't want to get out of the car because it was too hot. 

Then we found the Dutch Windmill in Golden Gate Park. Daffodils were blooming. It was locked, as the girls tried to find their way in. 

 Dance Party

Joseph's first time to lay in the grass (and to see a windmill)

 Golden Gate Park end at Ocean Beach. The waves were ginormous! Just 30 miles south the surfing competition called Mavericks near Santa Cruz with the 50 foot waves (Is that right uncle Tim) was taking place. The girls had fun playing in the sand.

Joseph's first trip to the beach. (He just watched)

Then we found a delicious burrito place in the Mission District of San Francisco, home of the burrito. 
Papalote, home of the salsa that beat Booby Flay on the Food Network Host's show. Sitting on orange seats taken from old Candlestick Park Stadium.

Their burritos were delicious!

We wore those kids out! What a spectacular day at Golden Gate Park!

Golden Gate Park Playground

Our first day in the Bay Area, we went to Golden Gate Park. Our first stop was to the playground and historic carousel. They had 2 huge cement slides. There were lots of flowers to pick. And it was a beautiful, sunny day. Just what we needed after living through the rainiest month in the history of Seattle. Too bad Grandma was home sick in bed.

Scraped by the slide

The carousel is inside. Waiting for our turn.

Now that was a great time!