Thursday, September 4, 2008

For Aunt Lauren

Sorry that this is side-ways--you'll just have to turn your heads. And let me explain about the outfit. Hannah had only been up a little while (hence the jammies and crazy hair) but she had already found the time to empty my shirt drawer and try a few on. She does that a lot. After she empties the drawer she looks around and says "mess" and then chooses a shirt and brings it to me and says "help you" and then "wear it". How can I resist? Oh, and if I happen to choose a shirt to wear that she wanted to wear that day she gets really upset and cries somthing like, "mommy, no!" "off!" "Hannah wear-it!"

ok. back to the sideways video.

Here is the proof that Hannah can jump. (Lauren was a little skeptical after seeing her attempts a few months ago--where Hannah thought she was jumping but never actually got off the ground). She jumps around like this for hours everyday. She also really likes jumping off of her stool or on the couch. She has a few more bruises these days because she sometimes gets carried away. She can say "jump," "jumping" and "jumped" and sometimes she says "boink, boink, boink" while she jumps.