Sunday, October 21, 2007

Cookie Monster

Last week I made some cookies and had them on a cooling rack on the counter. After Hannah's bath I sat her in her seat to clean up a few things. I swear I only turned my head for a few seconds but when I glanced back at her, this is what I saw...

I guess her arms are longer than I thought.

Just so you don't think we feed our baby junk food all the time, here are a few of her enjoying an orange.

All I want for Christmas

This picture isn't the best, but I posted it so you can click on it and zoom in to see Hannah's two front teeth (please ignore all the orange pulp). I'm hoping her sleep will improve now that those two pearly whites have broken through. She still has the one on top that comes and goes. Currently it's being shy, but these two are here to stay.

Bartender, I'll have another

For those of you who don't know, Hannah was sick this weekend. Luckily, she's all better now, but the flu she had was pretty yucky. I called our doctor who told me to put her on a 24 hour clear liquid diet. Water, juice, Pedialite. No milk. Hard as it was to tell a hungry baby "no", we stuck to our guns (actually, I gave in once and regretted it about 2 minutes later. Then we really stuck to our guns). During one of the many nighttime wakings (where she is usually nursed back to sleep) I was doing anything I could to get her to drink some much needed fluids. She was absolutely refusing a bottle, so I sat on one of the bar stools at out kitchen counter and I poured a little splash of Pedialite in her "big-girl cup." She grabbed her cup, drank it up, slammed the cup on the counter and looked up at me for more. She did this several until she had quenched her thirst and eventually fell asleep in my arms. I am so glad she is feeling better. It is no fun to have a sick baby!