Sunday, February 3, 2008


It seems that Hannah is quite the fashionista. She's always inventing new cool fads. Recently she brought back the "bum sweater." Actually, she really does love clothes and accessories. She is always carrying around a sweater, a blanket, a belt, a purse, a hat, or a hairbrush. She enjoys having lotion put on (especially if it is mommy's face lotion) and chapstick. She loves to be dressed up in dresses. She loves to brush mommy's hair. And she loves shoes.'s nice having a girl.

This sweater is very versatile. It can be used as a schal...

...or a head wrap.

The belt is also very versatile.

Fashion brings joy to Hannahs soul. :)

The Wheels on the Bus

Hannah got the bus for Christmas and she just loves it.
Hannah has learned how to get onto her bus all by herself...

but about half of the time she ends up facing backwards.

Even still, she is extremely proud of herself.

She loves it when daddy pushes her around the apartment.

Cookie Monster Strikes Again!