Thursday, April 2, 2009

Big Girl Bed

When we moved to our new apartment we gave Rachel the crib and Hannah got a new bed. So far she loves it. Especially because we let her jump on it.

Here is little Hannah jumping on her new "big girl" bed. She has done great sleeping in it every night...and playing on it everyday.

She shoots....

she scores!

Thanks Grandma for the cute bedspread!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Rachel's Blessing

Last Sunday we blessed little Rachel. We had a lot of family come (which was especially nice since we made them help us move). It turned out to be a cold and rainy weekend (big surprise!) but we had a good time anyway. Here are a lot of pictures in no particular order.

The Conleys

The men.

The girls

Ashley's Grandparents

Smiles for Uncle Josh

Uncle Jereme

Rachel and Papa

The Masons

Our friends Blake and Jamie.

My mom sent Rachel this beautiful dress. Rachel looked like a little angel. Thanks Nana. We love you!

Where We Went

A few people commented on the last post that we didn't mention where we moved too. We went really far....almost 2 blocks! We love our neighborhood here in Issaquah and we were able to find a bigger apartment with 3 bedrooms (hooray!) that was just up the street. So far we really like the new place. It's on the 3rd floor so Hannah likes the "lots and lots and lots of stairs."