Saturday, July 2, 2016

Seafair Pirates Landing at Alki Beach

Hannah, Rachel and I went to West Seattle's Alki Beach to await the Seafair Pirates landing. Lots of ships were firing off cannons. Hannah was ready to run for the hills. There were lots of fun bouncy house and activities to do.

Arm painting

Visiting the mermaid lagoon. They could throw a sea star into the magic wishing pool.
And pick something from the treasure chest.

Trying to flee in a pirate ship

Hannah grabbed a real pirate sword
Sword fighting with foam swords

Battling a lady pirate
Checking out a real pirate cannon
The pirates have landed
They're coming for my girls.
Lady Pirates Ho!
Carrying treasure
Hannah got a pink eye patch.
Let's hope she doesn't get pinkeye from it.
Alki beach
Picnicking at the beach