Saturday, March 18, 2017

Sacramento with Tim & Nena

I drove the girls down to Grandma's house while Ashley and Joseph flew to Nana and Papa's home for a quick visit. We stopped in Sacramento to have some fun in with Tim & Nena for a couple days. We went to the Sacramento Zoo, ate a GIANT panpake, and played at the park.

Look at the awesome shirt Tim and Nena gave me

We went to the Man vs Food diner serving giant panpakes

Rachel and Nena helped us finish it.

Joseph eating pinks hot dogs in LA


Ashley / Dan Mason said...

I'm sad Jospeh and I missed out on seeing Tim and Nena but we were so happy to spend time with nana and papa and Lauren.

Ron said...

Looks like such a fun visit. I didn't get to eat Pinks until I was 30 or 40 something. Joseph is lucky.

Cheryl said...

You guys had too much fun without us! It looks like Joseph got a lot of loving in L A.