Sunday, April 30, 2017

California San Jose Mission

It rained a lot. So much that our favorite Happy Hollow Park & Zoo flooded and was closed. Since we have a 4th grader, California 4th graders study the Spanish Missions located throughout the state, we went on a tour of the local San Jose Mission and then played at Fremont's Central Park.

Fremont's Central Park had a great playgound

Rachel and Joseph really liked playing with the ducks 

Rachel was acting like the momma duck, directing the duck traffic

Even though the zoo was closed, we sure had a happy day. It was a dream come true for Grandpa to take his grand kids to a Mission.


Cheryl said...

Ha ha! We liked the park more than the mission. Great photos at the park, I loved watching Rachel and Joseph herding the ducks around. It was such a beautiful day at a beautiful park.

Ron said...

It was a fun day even though Happy Hollow was closed. The mission in Fremont is called San Jose and the mission in San Jose is called Santa Clara. When Naomi is in 4th grade, we will have to go to the Santa Clara Mission in San Jose. It was sure a great park in Fremont, one of the best I have seen on the Peninsula and East Bay.

Ashley / Dan Mason said...

That park was awesome and the weather that day was beautiful! Rachel and Jospeh were in heaven playing with those birds!