Sunday, April 2, 2017

Superbowl Sunday! (And Hannah's birthday)

Wahoo! The best day of the year! Superbowl Sunday! Oh yeah, it was also Hannah's birthday. Good thing we celebrated it the day before as shown in the previous post. Our little Hannah's a big 10 year old now.

We went to our friends house to watch the Falcons blow the 28-3 lead to the Patriots. What a fun time.

 We went out toour car with 10 inches of snow on it.It took us 30 minutes to crawl home through the snow down the mountain, but we made it home in time for cake and ice cream.  


Cheryl said...

What a game!! Remember when Ashley went into labor on Super Bowl Sunday 10 yrs ago? It's always a celebration for Hannah's birthday!! We sure love our fun Hannah!

Ron said...

I can't believe that our beautiful Hannah is 10!